RV Fiberglass Repair & Demalination Specialists


Lake Effects has years of experience in RV repair and delamination, if you have a motor home with wavy sides or damage from a windstorm, we have experience in repairing all manufacturers

Gelcoat and FIberglass is an art, we take pride in our repautation across the us in providing quality fiberglass repair. If you have a need give us a call or email us and we will discuss the issue on your Recreational Vehice, Motor Home or Camper.

Call 828.478.2058 or Email our Service Department !!



While your here stop by the Midway Boathouse & Grill. Excellent customer service, Great Food on the water of Lake Norman


Motorhomes and Campers are knows for water leaks and wavy sides, we can repair the problem so you will never have it again.

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